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Altanure is an anagram of “Nature”.

Altanure is above all a way of looking at the environment. Our intention is to develop our properties and spaces such that you can connect with nature.

Altanure, « Être la nature » [ Be Nature ].
Be in touch with your inner nature in an edible landscape designed in harmony with the unique biotope surrounding each of our locations , where we cultivate our vegetables, fruit and herbs according to permaculture principles and

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Three locations

Three holiday resorts where people come to regenerate, pamper themselves , or participate in yoga or other retreats.

Casa Terra, a group of houses built in taipa (traditional mud construction) and Quinta Sol d’Agua, an old building with typical regional architecture, are located on the same 6 hectare agro ecological estate, 6 km from Tavira and in a straight line to the sea , in lush, unspoilt countryside.

The Almatere hotel is in Tavira, a 6 minute walk from the historic centre.

Each of these three locations has its own identity in terms of architecture and layout. The same natural, luminous wellness atmosphere fills the environment inside and out.

Palm leaf shutters, tables carved from local stone, and traditional floor tiles from the region a natural, refined decor can be found in each of these three places.

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The region

Altanure’s environment is marked by the natural beauty of the rural landscape of the Tavira region and its proximity to the Ria Formosa Natural Reserve. This unique ecosystem is intrinsically linked to the area and its biotope, its lagoons forming a barrier with sandbanks
and long beaches.

Behind the coast, the Barrocal is the Algarve scrubland that links the coast to the mountains, dotted with orange, almond, olive and carob trees. Further inland , the regional landscape gives way to the red earth of the rounded hills, its peaceful villages and artisanal factories.

Altanure was born in this natural, rural landscape. Casa Terra and Quinta Sol d’Agua are 6 km from Tavira, a charming little port town crossed by the River Gilao.

Almatere is located in Tavira, on the left bank of Gilao, a 6 minute walk from the centre, with its Roman bridge, whitewashed houses and characteristic tiled rooves.

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By Altanure

In the spirit of Altanure, our company “Earth & Water Lda” designs and implements sustainable and edible development and landscaping projects for tourist infrastructures.

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In the spirit of Altanure, our company “Earth & Water Lda” designs and implements sustainable and edible development and/or landscaping projects for tourist infrastructures.