The “Altanure” Project

Would you like to contribute to a humanist project or just find out more? You’re at the right place!

The concept

The Altanure therapeutic programme offers those who come here the experience of working on the land, in a natural, healthy environment, with daily practices of reconnecting with oneself and nature. Eating disorders, burnouts and other complex issues are approached by examining and deepening our understanding of the self through activities related to the nature of the place. Farming and gardening based on permaculture concepts and the transformation of the agricultural products grown and harvested here, allow residents to become part of a small working community and to regularly observe the way the environment challenges them.

  • The gardens

    The “therapeutic ” orchards, gardens and vegetable plots, managed according to permaculture techniques, as well as the natural buildings, healthy food produced on site and daily practices, make Altanure the ideal place to reconnect with oneself and one’s emotions.

  • The practices

    Amongst the practices we propose are initiation in meditation, Tai chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, Nada Yoga, Tibetan Yoga (Lu jong), Music Therapy, Reflexology, Ayurvedic massage, Voice therapy, Dream interpretation, Massages, Reading, Films…

Altanure Weeks

Altanure weeks are based on personal development and take place throughout the year. The themes we explore vary according to requirements (therapeutic and holistic approaches for mental health professionals, post burnout groups, yoga training,…). We may propose group work as well as an individual approach, according to each programme. A healthy and harmonious environment, created according to permaculture principles and local, organic, vegetarian food serve as the support for an inner connection. A team dedicated to looking after you. Our welcoming, peaceful rooms furnished with natural materials help to provide an ambience of relaxation and tranquility.

“Altanure Week”
  • Stays of variable duration
  • Personal development
  • Professional supervision
  • Personalised approach
  • Group activities
Relaxing Holidays
  • Short stays
  • You help towards the financing of “Altanure”
  • Games
  • Relaxing environment
  • Swimming pool and sauna