In the south of the Algarve, within an eight-hectare estate, just minutes from Tavira and the white sand beaches, Altanure welcomes its clients to the rhythm of the seasons and in total symbiosis with nature.

An exceptional scenario

For 30 years, Altanure has developed into a lush eco system based on the principles of permaculture agroecology. The permaculture system favors a systemic approach to the site, integrating a set of diverse and interconnected areas of knowledge based on the principle of resilience and autonomy : biological production and gardening, bioclimatic constructions, reuse and recycling, holistic treatments, complementary therapies , artistic creations... Altanure provides well-being, the connection with oneself, with others and with nature. This oasis of peace is the perfect place for those who are looking for rest and revitalization. The proximity of the main centers of attraction in the region, allows those who wish to combine tourist discovery and serene and exclusive retreats.

A place to be

Whether to find yourself, among friends or family, the place is conducive to a retreat in a state of harmony, combined with comfort and serenity, where nature is omnipresent and in perfect symbiosis with the rooms. Whether for a short or long stay,the place has two houses for this purpose: CasaTerra and Quinta Sol d’Agua The lease can be made room by room or in the exclusive use of the house.

A place to revitalize

Altanure proposes and organizes stays for therapeutic and wellness purposes for groups and individuals. The personalized programs are based on working with the land and complementary practices that take place within the therapeutic gardens. From eating disorders to "burnouts" or inner questions ... these difficulties can be addressed through research and understanding of the BEING, through a set of healing practices linked to nature and the place.